Secret Army

Update: Join the Secret Army: positive, practical, proactive. 

This year I created a ‘reverse advent calendar’ in my usual pre-Christmas attempt to feel better about commercialism. A few days before Christmas I was preparing to deliver to the food bank when I was told about a local family who had fallen on hard times. Without going in to detail, this family had nothing.

One Whatsapp chat and a couple of hours later, a group of close friends and I had put together a huge box of food, gifts, toiletries, gift wrap and a few treats. We found out later that our impressive collection of goodies had been shared by the Children’s Centre between two local families in need, perfect.

Food Bank Donation Secret Army My Words Work For You

A part of the donation this Christmas

At this juncture, I could launch into an analysis of how and why these families found themselves in this situation but it isn’t necessary, and it isn’t the point of this post.  It happens, it happens everywhere and the problem isn’t going to go away. If anything, it will get worse. And in the back of my mind….

“There but for the grace of God, go I”

It could happen to any of us. Back to Whatsapp. One friend commented how she missed this (we were once members of Ladies Circle, as such, we helped our local community). So do I, I miss helping out and I can’t bear the thought of people suffering when something simple could make it better. I found myself saying,

‘How about starting a Secret Army? No glory, no reward, just proactively helping out where there’s a need.’

A plan was born. Almost everyone I have mentioned this to has responded with ‘I’m in’. We will put our minds to it in the new year and work out the best way forward. In my head it is simple, many people with a common goal, to help as and when they can in answer to genuine need. It isn’t about profit, it is about people.

I’ll keep you posted. If you want to be a part of the Secret Army let me know, all welcome. There is no commitment, when there’s genuine need, we’ll try to help and we’ll let it evolve as it needs to.

There is an argument that there is no such thing as altruism, for me, I want to look back at my life and know I had a positive impact on the world around me but above all, I would like to make the world a better place for as many people as possible. We all have the power to do that. 

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