Leaders Who Learn, Listen, and Lead

Have you been led by a leader that ‘could try harder’? How did it impact on you, and on the workplace? Are you a Leader? How is that going for you?

Variation of the Leaders

I am fortunate in many ways, I am my own boss, that makes me responsible for me, as well as for my successes and failures. None of us are perfect but one could argue, leaders are paid to take on the responsibility of leading and all that entails. In the true spirit of ‘variation of the species’, one can expect variation among leaders. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, The Dalai Llama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Angela Merkel, all stepped up and led, arguably some better than others.

Leadership Mistakes

Today I read this post from Grammarly, ‘The Ten Biggest Leadership Mistakes You Should Avoid’. It makes for interesting reading and I’m happy to champion it. I am sure we have all observed at least a few of these in our time. Maybe you are the leader, leading from the front and making mistakes along the way.

Making the mistake may not be deleterious, it may lead us to unexpected places that open new opportunities. The harm comes when we don’t learn from the mistakes we make, or accept responsibility for them. This path does little for the organisation or for the leader’s own personal development. Surely that should be part of the package of being in a leadership role?

Don't waste a good mistake, learn from it quote Small Business Support My Words Work For You

Great Leaders

Who has inspired you? Were they perfect? I doubt it, none of us are, but what made them a great leader?

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