Making Mistakes?

We recently lost a family member, bringing sadness, regrets, and a not inconsidearable amount of work. I am an Executor of his estate but the whole process has been reasonably straightforward, with one exception…

Dealing With The Energy Company

In my attempts to support the ‘small guys’, I set up the account with this particular energy provider for him. They seemed OK and their rates were reasonable. The experience has not been a bad one, until I called to tell them about the death. Within a couple of weeks they sent a letter to his house.

‘We are sorry to hear you are leaving us’

I would have chosen slightly different wording, given the circumstances.

I'm sorry for your loss Small business support My Words Work For You

Alternatively, they could have said this

What happened next? They sent a bill, in my name. I called them to settle the account and discovered that the person who took my original call had taken it upon herself to set up a new account in my name, by the end of the call I was assured the situation was resolved. This week another bill arrived, I called them again today. It had not been resolved, but I am assured (again) it is now.

Mistakes Happen

So we none of us are perfect, occasionally mistakes happen, but a mistake is a chance to show how good you are in the way you deal with it. So many businesses are now pitching themselves against the slick, well-oiled machine that is Amazon. If a business is making countless mistakes, then not correcting them super-fast and super-brilliantly, customers will vote with their feet, and we can all see the direction they will head in.

The Giant That is Amazon

I recently conducted a snap-shot poll on my Facebook business page, 53% of respondents had made their most recent purchase from Amazon, the rest of the businesses out there, small, medium and large, shared the remaining 47% between them.  No business can afford to be making mistakes. Train staff constantly, listen to them and your customers, keep ahead of the curve and be constantly looking at ways to improve. This is your chance to shine. 

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