How To Make Your Pub Successful

How To Run A Successful Pub

The Bad news

Do you have a local? How is it doing? Chances are you may not know. As breweries squeeze tenants making it more difficult to survive, and lifestyles change, public houses are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the number of pubs in the UK has decreased by 17% since 2000. 10,500 pubs have closed their doors. CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) announced that during the second half of 2017, 18 pubs closed each a week in the UK.

Not This Pub

On Friday, my husband arrived home early and took me out for lunch, nice huh. We  had heard good things about, The Green Man, Thriplow …Let me tell you about this pub.

The Green Man Thriplow Community Owned Pub

A place for the community, by the community

The sun was blazing, the staff were smiling, and the pub was packed. We bagged a table outside with a parasol for shelter from the ‘hellish rays’.  then I noticed these…

Pile of sombreros for pub customers to use

Some sombreros, shelter from the sun

As we wandered into the bar, I noticed these…

Basket of blankets for customer use Customer service excellence Business Support

Basket of blankets, help yourself

The friendly and cheerful staff behind the bar chatted with us as they poured our drinks and handed us the menu, then I noticed this…

A ‘Community Owned Freehouse’

The Good News

Do you support your local?  How about if you had a stake in it? The community surrounding this amazing pub got together and made a decision that closure was not going to be its fate, in 2012, they bought it. It gets better… Not only do they ensure the comfort of their guests (why would they then want to leave?), this pub is dog friendly, is in a beautiful village location, and, wait for it, it has a Land Rover available should you need a lift home at the end of the night.

Customer Service, How Customers Want To Be Served

From the quality of service, to the standard of food, this pub is a success. The members of the community who own it now understand what their customers want, because they are the customers. They  have made the experience as good as it could be, making people want to go there, and stay.  There are lessons to be learned from this lovely place, and I for one, will be back again, to continue my education, rude not to.

Tapas at the Green Man Thriplow Small Business Support Content Writer for Small business

Tapas anyone?

Wear a sombrero to protect from the sun Nicola Dunklin My Words Work For You

When in Thriplow…





If you find yourself in this neck of the woods, pop in and see for yourself.      01763 208855

Well done The Green Man & all who dine in her.


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