Small Business – Big Opportunities

Pack in as many opportunities to increase revenue as you can

All I Want is a Few Alpacas

Anyone that knows me well knows about my penchant for alpacas. I dream of sitting writing at my desk, looking out at a small herd of alpacas roaming happily around my (as yet non-existent) land. It’s a pipe dream.

The Reality

Mothers Day (deliberate apostrophe omission) 2018 and my wonderful children presented me with…An alpaca experience! Here I am, with Jet.

A Small Business That Thinks Big

We drove down to Butlers Farm Alpacas I’ll be honest, we were busy so we needed to have the experience and leave. I’m not sure if the alpacas loved it as much as I did but we had a great time. Elizabeth, the owner, began with a few alpacas, and fell in love (with said alpacas), so ended up with 100. Alpacas don’t come free and are not cheap to run properly so the business has had to build around them. As well as running a (usually fully booked) programme of alpaca experiences, annual shearing results in the finest wool which in turn, results in some fine products. The business is making the most of every opportunity.

An Easy Upsell

I entered the obligatory ‘Disney style shop’ at the end of the experience in my usual mindset of ‘just look, I’m not falling for it’ but honestly, this shop was full of beautiful, quality products from the alpacas I had just spent time with. We were introduced to the range and left to stroke them at leisure, no pressure to buy but Elizabeth’s appreciation of the quality was infectious.

Come and meet my socks…

All natural alpaca wool so they can officially be worn for days without washing (I’ve stretched it to two and she is right, they would go on) and my feet are kept at a perfect temperature whatever the weather, it works for the alpaca so it works for me. They weren’t cheap but honestly, I wish I had bought a drawer full. Perhaps what I should do is get myself a few alpacas so I have a constant supply.
Stripey Alpaca Wool Socks
Running a small business? Sock it to ’em!
Well done to this thriving business, passion and expertise are fuelling steady growth, while the business offers authentic quality products, every opportunity is maximised.

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