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The Princess Bride For Want of a Better Name

Today marks the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride. WIlliam Goldman’s 1973 novel (a great read)  hit the big screen in 1987 with an impressive cast and some cracking cinematography. Cameos from Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Billy Crystal; the best … Continue reading

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How Angry Are You?

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Wise” Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun’s latest book ‘The Gift of Anger‘ is a gift in itself in a troubled world. Inspired by the teachings of his grandfather, there is much we could benefit from. “We should … Continue reading

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When You Are in a Black Hole, Don’t Give Up

This post has sprung from a conversation about illustration. We are staying in a farmhouse in France with friends who are great conversationalists. I happened to mention how I have used Canva for a long time now to produce illustrations. … Continue reading

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Can You Beat This Customer Service?

Just setting the scene My parents, creatures of habit, have shopped in the same Sainsbury’s in Cambridge for 42 years. More than that, barring extraordinary circumstances, they go on the same day, and to the same checkout assistant. In that … Continue reading

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A GOOD Telling Off

This weekend, after months, no years, of thinking I really should go and visit an aunt and uncle, I made time. In my head, I have genuinely been busy, work to do, clients to keep happy, friends to see…etc. There … Continue reading

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Storytelling and Why it Matters

Just a quick post, today is a mix of self-indulgence and indulging others. Our usual morning dog walk with its regular encounter with doggy pals and their owners is to be followed by storytelling and a Pilates class. Let me … Continue reading

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Want success? Get Some Sleep!

Prepare yourself, I am about to have a rant! Over the years I have come across business mentors, articles, posts on social media etc. all extolling the virtues of getting up at the crack of dawn and working a ridiculous … Continue reading

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Content Writing – It’s Easier With a Clear Mind

Businesses are competing with each other for the top spot, for customers and for exposure. To stay ahead, you need to be on top form. The state of our mental health affects everything we do. As important as it is … Continue reading

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Tell Your Story – The Most Important Story Of All?

Do you remember this from when you were young? (You may be too young, if so, enjoy that feeling!) The tune, the graphics, and the concept have stayed with me, for the whole of my life. Your Story We all … Continue reading

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Bringing Content to Life

CASE: WIWAK When I first began work with this client the website was in a ‘bad way’. The content was old, riddled with mistakes, uninspiring and dull. The site or its content weren’t search engine optimised and the poor user experience … Continue reading

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