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Content Marketing

Content Marketing began for me in 2013. It was a steep learning curve but the immediate results showed me that whatever I was doing was working. One of the things I love about my work as a content writer is, I never stop learning. The ‘market place’ is ever-changing, ever-evolving and constantly dynamic. Whilst the fundamentals remain, there is a raft of tricks and trips that enhance and improve content to make it work harder.

Importance of Case Studies

One feature that improves the SEO and user experience of any website is its case studies. Like testimonials, case studies show the audience what could be achieved. Case Studies help to build trust and encourage your reader to believe in you, the foundations of any functional relationship.

User Experience

Here I shall add to the content intermittently, sharing with you some of the stories of successes that you may be able to adapt for your own offering. As with the content I write, my aim is to provide a valuable user experience (UX) for my target audience with honest and intelligent content that works for you.

Click on the case studies to see some examples of my work; the list will grow, whenever I have time to add to it.

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