Are Your Customer Relationships Flying High?

This week I have booked over £5,000 worth of flights with a well known British flight operator. Myself and a client will be travelling to the United States, twice in the next two months. Usually, if I fly for personal travel, I am happy to book with one of the budget airlines, squeeze my belongings into a tiny bag and squeeze my back-side into a tiny seat, which I expect to pay extra for. Now here’s the thing…

Customer Expectations

As I was paying around quadruple the price for the pleasure of flying with a well-known airline, I fully expected the extras to be included. In fact, if I am paying around £1,500 for my ticket, I kind of expected my seat would be part of the deal, not an extra; standing is not an option. I am aware that the budget airlines charge for the bare minimum, then add for every single crisp (obviously not peanut) that one eats.

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Leave Your Customers on a High

Managing Expectations

So I arrive at the stage of the booking process to choose my seats , exciting…until I realised that my seat would cost a minimum of £22, each way! I can understand why this particular airline would not publicise the fact that once you have shelled out for your ticket, you are then invited to pay for your seat, but I do think I would be less ‘put out’ if I had been prepared.

Customer Satisfaction

Imagine if the price of the seat had been included in my ticket price. The airline are already making a fortune compared to other airlines, yes a meal is included, but the cost of that won’t be eating much into the ticket price. I would go through the process of booking without experiencing the sting in the tail as I fed the scorpion my money. I would feel OK.

Present Your Offering Well

How is your customer experience? Do they get ‘what it says on the tin’? Or are there nasty surprises? Go through the process of buying, really imagine how your customers feel along the way. I am feeling more than a little disappointed, so much so, I wrote this article…that can’t be good for PR for this well-known British airline!

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