Scientific Content Writing

A busy time at My Words Work For You. I have spent the last couple of weeks (including Christmas) buried in a variety of scientific articles discussing some impressive, cutting-edge research.

Why am I telling you this? Well honestly, I wanted to tell you that it scared me. At some points I was truly terrified at the level of difficulty. But tonight, after much fine-tuning, I submitted my work to my client.

Face Your Fears

It has been a long time since I have had to wade through scientific writing as complex as this. The research has been carried out by some of the brightest stars of the scientific world on equipment so technologically advanced I would hardly dare touch it. The researchers talk in this language all of the time, I don’t. It took a few read throughs, lots of cups of tea, and plenty of highlighter pen ink before it began to sink in. I am sitting here now, about to begin my weekend having done it.

Benefits of Leaving One’s Comfort Zone

Believe me, there were times in the last couple of weeks that I had to quash a rising sense of panic and just hold on. It was worth putting myself through it.

  • I have learned something new
  • My brain has had a great workout
  • I have developed as a content writer
  • I will be faster
  • Having faced my fears I have learned I can do it again
  • The dogs are well groomed (displacement activity)

At this juncture, I’ll ask you the question…

What would you do if you weren't afraid__Face Your Fears My Words Work For You

Face Your Fears

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