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Content writing for a cleaning company is a dirty business. It tests a content writer’s ability to bring content to life and make it work hard for the client. One of the services offered by this client was mould remediation, they were struggling to get conversions. I suggested a ‘four-pronged’ approach.

  1. I created unique content that was useful, purposeful, findable and would have long term value for my client. I wrote a blog post for the website and for social media platforms that could be liked and shared by the company’s target audience.
  2. I contacted universities in the area on my client’s behalf and offered to produce useful articles for their students on mould remediation. This enables the university to provide a useful resource for their students, the caveat was, for each university to include a link to my client’s website, high value, a massive SEO win.
  3. I re-wrote my client’s Mould remediation page, improving SEO and suggested it could be included in a more appropriate area of the website.
  4. I added FAQs to the page, increasing SEO and improving the user experience.

This four pronged approach had many positive effects:

  • It demonstrated specialist knowledge, portraying my client as an authority.
  • It created trust from their target audience.
  • Results are short and long term; the optimised content will continue to appear in search results.
  • The links from high authority websites will continue to elevate my client’s website in search rankings.

The Results:

The client called to ask me to stop producing content about mould (phew!). Their sales team were inundated with calls and unable to handle the volume.

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