Increasing Sales, Revenue and Loyalty

An Ailing Website

When I was first approached by this client, the record for consecutive days of sales was nine. In the years preceding my input there had rarely ever been more than one sale a day, visits to the website were brief, bounce rate high and despite a range of products being on offer, only one product was selling with any regularity.

The Brief

The owner had reached the limits of his content writing, re time and ability. Existing pages provided information but not inspiration. I began with the most important page, the ‘About Us’ page then quickly followed this with the ‘Home’ page, then on to the products. Every product needed to be completely re-written in the ‘voice’ of the business, engaging customers, increasing trust and fostering loyalty. Alongside, I re-wrote every existing communication keeping the brand message and tone consistent.

The Action

It was easy to bring the business to life, speaking with the audience and allowing the benefits of each product to shine out from the page. I created a story around the products, placing them into the customers’ minds and lives. The aim was that each customer felt the need to have the product; they didn’t have to think of the reasons why they should buy it, my words took care of that part. The content I created across the site was unique, quirky, fun and engaging, perfect for the company’s brand. I re-wrote every page of the website, every product and added hundreds more products along the way. At this point, I was also choosing the new products and managing stock to ensure we had enough to meet the increased demand.

The Result

This ailing website was now thriving, loved, trusted and was now completely ‘on brand’. A customer called to ask the owner who wrote the copy and to tell me it was ‘the best copy she had ever seen’. As if that wasn’t enough, she went on to say she worked for the leading international advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy I’ll take that!  Needless to say, my details weren’t passed on to her! You can see a few of the statistics that the owner shared with me a couple of months after I began, here

Here’s a summary:

  • The previous record of nine consecutive days of sales was somewhere around 450+ (including Christmas Day) and counting
  • Products dramatically climbed in the search engine rankings
  • Sales increased, often reaching 30-40 a day
  • The average basket value significantly increased
  • Multiple purchases became normal
  • Sales were up by hundreds of percent each month compared to previous years
  • Traffic to the website grew exponentially
  • Revenue increased, profits rose

I love this little graph, the effect was so dramatic, and instantaneous, the power of good content writing is displayed so clearly as these were the only changes being made within the company at this point. With every trend on the increase, the company was now in a position to flourish.

Power of professional content writing graph SEO Small Business Support My Words Work For You

The Power of Good Content Writing Alone, No Other Changes Were Made Within The Business

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