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I’ve spent plenty of time reading books and guides that claim to ‘Get you to No. 1 in Google’ etc. Of course, I could get to number one in an instant if I created a site called, I don’t know, let’s call it ‘’ We are going to specialise in selling squeaky pumpkins and we are going to work really hard to get to No 1 so when anyone searches for squeaky pumpkins, they find us.

It transpires, nobody else is selling squeaky pumpkins. That’s me at the top then. Success! 

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Oh wait! …How many people are looking for squeaky pumpkins? Any? There I am at No 1, by myself, and nobody will ever know.

See where I’m going with this? Chances are you are in a competitive market and to get to No 1 in Google is going to take understanding, and a bit more effort. It will be worth it.

First and foremost, content is king. Successful content marketing will have the user in mind. Clever content creation will be wise, informative, useful and entertaining. According to Hubspot

Links are an important part of your website’s authority…  However, if you have budget to invest in your website, I would say, “Hire someone to write for you.

5 Tips for Search Engine Success

  1. Think of the UX (user experience) in every thing that you do. Above all, Google is interested in the quality of the experience for your users.
  2. Invest in quality content – Hire a content writer to create great content that has been well researched and well written and will work hard for you in the short and long term. If tyour content is useful, unique and user-friendly it will be read, liked and shared. Product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, marketing communications etc. will raise your profile and build a lasting relationship with your costomers.
  3. Obtain high quality inbound links -Task your content writer with the production of purposeful guest posts for high ranking publications and organisations e.g. .ac .gov Think of strategic alliances that you could form, reach out to potential business partners with well worded proposals.
  4. Make your meta descriptions work. So you’ve appeared in search rankings, the next step is to make them click on your link.- Get in the heads of your audience, imagine you are a potential customer, what would make you click on your search result?
    1. Fulfil a need – A dog lead that is ‘strong but soft on hands’
    2. Highlight a benefit – A game that is the ‘best fun and speeds up mental maths’
    3. Stand out from the crowd – ‘squeakiest pumpkins to out-squeak pumpkin-kind’
  5. Make your site secure – get a valid SSL certificate so your site begins with https://

I think five is enough to be going along with for now. I’ll be back soon with the next five tips for content marketing success.

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