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Today I have been revamping an ailing website. After a meeting with the owner of the business it was clear that the website was set up long ago, then left. This is great news.

Solid Foundations

This particular business owner is fairly typical of many small business owners, her time is spent ‘flat-out’ keeping the business running. She is doing a great job, loyal customers are walking in through the door and leaving with products that are available (may seem obvious but it happens, read my previous article), revenue is steady and constant. This is a well known company serving the local community with products that are in demand. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ springs to mind. The website, however, is a whole different ball game.

A Website That Needs Fixing

The website was built some time ago and on the face of it, it looks OK, only OK. This business owner has neither the time nor the inclination to deal with it so the website has lay dormant on ‘the back-burner’ for years. Not many people see it. The owner’s skill-set is in the successful running of her business, her time is valuable and is spent far more productively at the helm. The site is a ‘blank canvas’ with plenty of room for improvement. As SEO changes by the minute and Google’s algorithms frequently change, there is much that can be improved, short, medium and long term.

SEO Fixes – Low Hanging Fruit

There are so many simple and easy steps that will immediately have a positive impact. Step one has been analysing what the owner wants from the website:

  • Will it become an online shop?
  • What is the main call-to-action?
  • What are the KPIs we need to measure?

After discussion I created a list for each of us. My approach is holistic and multi-dimensional. My client’s easy ‘to-do’ list includes:

  • Fostering reviews and testimonials from customers for use on the website and across social media
  • Requesting inbound links from suppliers
  • Listing relevant trade magazines for me to approach about contributing articles
  • Provide a list of products to enable me to create content/pages
  • Take advantage of a relative with photography skills to produce a list of shots for the site

My list includes writing unique content for the pages of the website in a logical sequence. I have applied the usual SEO fixes to the ‘skeleton’ of the site and replaced redundant pages with pages that will work hard for the business as its online presence evolves. I am making the short-term fixes with the long-term in mind. This business is time-poor and needs to know that the website will provide a positive impact on cash-flow, revenue and profit without draining time or resources that are required elsewhere. As the revenue increases the owner will be in a stronger position to create a budget for marketing, and so the upwards spiral begins. I love my job!

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