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Easy SEO for 2019

How has 2018 been for you? How’s business? Competition is ever more fierce, cutting through an ever increasing amount of content is like wading through treacle. How will your target market find you? The good news is, if you get … Continue reading

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How To Get Google Reviews

Do Google Reviews Matter? The short answer is, yes, they do. Any SEO strategy should include increasing the number of reviews and testimonials across all media, including: Search engines Website Social media Directories On other relevant websites How Do I … Continue reading

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SEO – Keyword Research

Keyword Research Keywords matter, they always have, they still do. They have a vital place within your unique, pragmatic and well-written content to help prospective customers find you. You are aiming to help your customers, to add value and to … Continue reading

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Optimise Your Images For SEO

Image Optimisation in 5 Easy Steps Images present a valuable opportunity to capture Google’s attention. Let’s face it, we need all the brownie points we can get to earn a place on Google’s first page. In terms of SEO (Search … Continue reading

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Inbound Links Improve Performance

Playing the Google Game – SEO Google just loves to see links to your site from relevant websites with high Page Authority. If Google sees that ‘big players’ are linking to your site, it is far more likely to notice … Continue reading

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SEO Website Checklist for Dummies

Today alone I have had three separate emails offering SEO services for my website. Apparently, whilst my website ‘is great’, it has, ‘a lot of scope for getting optimised’ and ‘making me lots of money’. Each email was littered with … Continue reading

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SEO Image Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Urgently Required My client’s website had been set up in 2014. It had minimal online presence, no Page Authority and extremely poor functionality in terms of conversions. The site was costing my client money each month but … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Search Engine Optimisation – Part 2

Continuing from my previous article ‘Search Engine Success – Content is King’ I am adding more essential  search engine optimisation tips for success. With each new Google update, and with the ever-changing rules of the game, playing wisely is not only … Continue reading

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