Can You Beat This Customer Service?

Just setting the scene

My parents, creatures of habit, have shopped in the same Sainsbury’s in Cambridge for 42 years. More than that, barring extraordinary circumstances, they go on the same day, and to the same checkout assistant. In that time they have exchanged numbers, and become well acquainted.

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An exceptional example of customer service

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An Unfortunate Incident

Mother is gardening and steps back into a full watering can. In the fall she breaks her femur and the radius in her wrist. There is no visit to Sainsbury’s that week. Enter Jean Harfield. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

  1. Jean noticed my parents had not appeared that week
  2. Jean phoned them up at home and asked if they were OK
  3. Jean arranged to meet them at the store the next week at the end of her shift
  4. Jean does their shopping while my father pushes mother (AKA Director of shopping) in a wheelchair
  5. Jean has arranged to repeat the exercise as required
  6. Jean hasn’t mentioned that she is doing this to anyone, she just wants to help

Exceptional Customer Service

What is it that has stimulated Jean Harfield to undertake this extraordinary act of kindness? I dare say that this isn’t something covered in the Sainsbury’s staff manual. In my line of work I see a lot of cheesy marketing ploys to increase sales and profit. This isn’t about sales; this is simply an act of human kindness from one extraordinary person. This display of altruism has meant the world to my parents and their family.

So Jean, I know that you have arranged to help them again this week. As you slip on a cardigan to avoid time-consuming questions from customers about where the tomato puree is, know that you are an amazing human being. I hope that Sainsbury’s realise what a treasure they have in their midst.

Update: I  gather Sainsbury’s presented Jean with a £10 voucher.

Customer Care, Above All Else

Customer service is everything, have a look at a few of my other posts e.g. This article was written after trying to book flights, apparently your seat isn’t included in the price. This one during a recent visit to the U.S. Think you can top this story? I would love to hear about it.

Look after your customers above all, they will look after you.

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