How Attractive is Your USP?

Last weekend we had a surprise visit from my daughter. Embarking on her final term of a BA at The University of Nottingham and President of Enactus Nottingham, she didn’t have the time to come home. I was delighted to see her smiling (if exhausted) face at my window as I typed.

It quickly became apparent how tired she was, we kept finding her in ‘sleepy heaps’, curled over a book in various locations in the house. Apart from the odd dog walk and visit to see grandparents, we let her sleep, and read.

We were all too soon driving her back to her student digs, taking her out to lunch with her grandparents in tow. She looked better than she did when she arrived, thankfully. The next morning I received a text asking me to post a book she had left, she desperately needed it for an essay. I think I can safely say this has happened every visit, ho hum. Our search through hundreds of books looking for a ‘small, old and cream coloured’ one left us empty-handed (my bet is it is in her bag somewhere). In desperation, I resorted to Amazon at 11pm last night, I know, I hate myself for it. This morning I received a thank you text from a very happy daughter, just hours after ordering.

Small Business Vs The Big Guys

How do small businesses compete? Up against the giants who seem to have every advantage, fair and unfair, how do the little guys attract customers when pitched against that level of faceless but hyper-efficient service?

Look around at businesses that are succeeding, what is their USP? What makes anybody choose them over a giant that can have your product on your doorstep within hours? Maybe it is their story that attracts you. Is their story being told clearly in every thing that they do? From the first contact to the last, what was memorable? What stuck in your mind? What made them stand out?

Tell The Story of Your Business

Everybody has a story to tell, the same is true of every business. In your business (if you work in one), what are you proud of?   What is unique about it? What is your ‘Why’? (See Simon Sinek’s brilliant TED Talk) What would make customers choose you? And now we come to the crux, are you telling your customers? Are you telling them well?

Tell your story and tell it well; you deserve to be heard.

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