Do People Believe in You? Why?

In case you have missed Simon Sinek’s inspiring TED Talk (18 minutes very well spent), he cleverly brings our focus to ‘Why‘. Over 32 million viewers have watched Simon as he guides us to realign our thinking, and our sales strategies!

The Need to Believe

We all have a need to believe, it’s human nature. Years ago, for the vast majority of the population that need was satisfied by faith/religion. This is far less important now to many people, leaving them bereft and in need of something. Fads come and go: Tupperware, Soda Stream, Friends Reunited, Aerobics, Facebook…We need the assurance that we are valuable, purposeful and the ever increasing number of social media platforms feed the need for instant gratification. We need to be liked!  Go on, fill your boots, like away!

Content Marketing

In content writing, communicating the why of each client is fundamental in almost everything I write. Communicating your why, your core beliefs is something that grabs the attention of potential customers, and holds it there. ‘People buy why you do it’. Beyond ‘know, like and trust’, I aim for ‘belief’. Wait until you’ve read this and have  a read of this article

Customer Belief Content Marketing My Words Work For You

You know that feeling, when you really BELIEVE in something…

“When you find your why, you lose the need”

Let it Come From Within

The ‘Golden Circle’ illustrates how customer loyalty isn’t borne of shouting about what we do, or how we do it. Why should anyone care? Mecca lies in communicating our ‘why‘. Customers, clients, followers choose to believe in us when they understand our core beliefs, our purpose. If people share your beliefs, they will care, and will form near unshakable loyalty.

Simon’s ’10 years on’ film below talks about the pain he went through of living an existence he no longer believed in. He recognised that his ‘why’ was missing, he had no idea why he was doing what he was doing…so he stopped. He followed his dream, and followed it well, then people followed him. Why? Because they shared his beliefs, as do I. ‘Share, give, inspire’. Well done @SimonSinek  I would love to talk with you some time.

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