Tough to stay Healthy

I have been working in Chicago for one week, one week to go, it’s been amazing. Each working day is spent in a viewing facility; we have to send out for food selected from a vast range of options. Each evening we are dining out, again from a vast choice of restaurants. The problem is, in spite of time spent at the gym, after just a week my clothes are feeling tighter than they did in the UK. We are trying, but…

Making Healthy Choices

It is very difficult to eat healthily over here. It is very easy to over-eat and it feels like almost every ingredient is somehow coated in sugar. We have ordered Waldorf salad with walnuts coated in honey; bacon covered in maple syrup, potatoes coated in cheese, oatmeal with strawberries coated in a sugar glaze, it tastes amazing but, really?! If this is the usual offering, tastebuds will quickly become accustomed to it and anything less will soon taste bland.

Chance to Cleanse The System

Last night we decided to have a night off, the client had flown back to  the UK so there was no need to eat out. We found a supermarket and bought the healthiest options we could find then settled in front of the TV for a movie night, this morning I feel so much better.Healthy Eating Copywriter content writer Small business support My Words Work For You

Product Availability

In spite of the huge agricultural space available here, it seems that fresh fruit and veg are only available to buy at a premium, a corn dog, or  churro are cheap (and ubiquitous) by comparison. I can completely understand how I am encountering so many people with serious health issues; making healthy choices here is not easy. I love Chicago, but I am looking forwad to taking control of my eating again.

So if I can’t start a fruit and veg/pure food business in the United States, maybe I’ll become a fitness guru…it’s got legs (if you’ll excuse the pun)

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