Top SEO Tips For A Sustainable Business

SEO – An Ever-Changing Game

I attend the Optimisey Events in Cambridge each month. It is a regular meet up for SEO professionals to find out what is going on in the SEO world and keep ahead of the curve. Bear in mind that Google make some 3,200 updates per year, it is some curve to keep ahead of.

The Latest From SEO Professionals

This month’s speakers were Jasmine Granton, Digital PR at Aira Digital and Jono Alderson, Digital Strategist at Yoast. These guys know their stuff and share it well.

Jasmine’s top tips:

  • Get organised
  • Think about the end user
  • If you want journalists to cover your news, relevant pitch to relevant journalists

Jono’s Top Tips

  • Spend energy moving forwards and upwards
  • Focus on the basics, the quality of your product and service matter above all else, the rest will follow
  • Consider your audience’s needs/interests first
  • Add value to others, it isn’t about what you can get, it is about what you can give
Jono Alderson of Yoast Entertains the Audience

Getting the Fundamentals Right

As a Content Writer, I need to factor SEO in to everything I write for my clients. Good quality, useful content that reaches and adds value to a relevant audience is a major asset for any business and a worthwhile investment. Having a top quality product and offering the best customer service are the fundamentals, telling people about your hard work is vital.

Next month’s event will be pearls of wisdom from Koozai’s Hannah Butcher & Natalie Mott. We’ll be hearing the latest on content marketing & SEO strategy, I can’t wait for my clients to benefit.

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Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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