Storytelling and Why it Matters

Just a quick post, today is a mix of self-indulgence and indulging others. Our usual morning dog walk with its regular encounter with doggy pals and their owners is to be followed by storytelling and a Pilates class. Let me tell you about the storytelling.

We All Have A Story To Tell

One of my dog walking pals is an old boy who has a story to tell, but no means to tell it. Enter, Nicola! We have chatted for years about his experiences as an evacuee during World War II. It has long been a dream of mine to be able to preserve, and share stories that would otherwise be unheard, fading to nothingness as their owners disappear. This dear old friend has memories within that will be lost and forgotten unless they reach a page somewhere. That process has begun.

Stiff Upper Lip

Armed with my laptop, I spent a first morning with Andrew and Fluff, his faithful Yorkshire Terrier. Andrew’s mind came alive as memory triggered memory, my spreadsheet filled quickly. It struck me that this frightened little boy who had been force-fed sprouts had just ‘got on with it’ and after the war, life carried on. There was no therapy, no counselling, he and thousands like him were never encouraged to talk about the profound effect these experiences had. He has kept it within.

Evacuees World War II Storytelling Content Writer My Words Work For You

‘Every child with a story to tell’ Image credit: Diary of an A level Student

Andrew is not getting any younger, he is sometimes a bit confused, but he is great company and I am loving the chance to unearth the memories that lie within him, and give them a voice at last. Andrew, meanwhile, is most amused at the thought of becoming ‘famous’ in the village magazine.

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