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Repurpose Existing Content

Can you recall how searching for something on the internet used to be? Random results, but far fewer of them. And now? Reams of results, abundant ads, oodles of organisations clamouring for your click. How does your content compete? Write … Continue reading

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Halloween, Black Friday Christmas… Ready?

And so it begins… Businesses and consumers find themselves unwittingly invited to the ‘marketing madness party’. How is it for you? ‘Trick or Treat’? Let’s Get The Party Started Since the arrival of GDPR in May this year our inboxes … Continue reading

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A Content Content Writer

Today I received feedback from a new client. No matter how confident I am in my abilities as a content writer, it is always a nervous wait. Why? A new client is a new learning curve,  in this case my … Continue reading

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Content Writing – A Worthwhile Investment

I need to be quick, today I am writing about a lab technique used for quantifying protein sequences within a sample, it’s going to take time. Content Writer Available Within the last few weeks I have been asked to do … Continue reading

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Unique Page Content – Why Bother?

Why is Unique Page Content So Important? Simply put, Google does not like copying. Remember your school days when the teacher had a couple of kids up at the front of the class, holding their homework aloft, ‘Who copied whom?’ … Continue reading

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SEO Low Hanging Fruit

Today I have been revamping an ailing website. After a meeting with the owner of the business it was clear that the website was set up long ago, then left. This is great news. Solid Foundations This particular business owner … Continue reading

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Is it Too Late to Save Our High Streets?

In the light of the news that Cambridge has won the award for ‘Healthiest Retail Centre‘, ahead of Oxford Street among others, I thought I would take a look at our High Streets. A Week in France I have returned … Continue reading

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Content Writing To Preserve History

Do you know anyone with a story to tell?  In the words of Max Ehrmann, ‘listen to others…they too have their story’.  What happens if the story isn’t recorded? Is it lost forever? Preserving History Since childhood I have cared … Continue reading

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Get Fit to Fly

A New Dawn Since My Words Work For You began in 2013, I have spent a lot of time supporting other people’s businesses. It has given me great pleasure. I have encouraged business owners to get/stay fit, physically and mentally, … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Writing Content That Works

Content writing has to perform, and perform well, if it is going to work for you. Words must cut through millions of pages, push past the competition and leap onto the podium, basking in glory for all to survey. It’s … Continue reading

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