Why Accountability Drives Achievement

** Update ** Today I swam 100 lengths, 2.5 KM. Hurrah!

Work has been busy recently, hence, less time on my website and I had allowed myself to become a sloth. Apart from daily dog walks, I had very little exercise, not happy.

One of my clients, a fitness guru, called to thank me for some work I had done. Towards the end of the chat he asked,

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

My reply was something along the lines of, I know what I need to be doing, I just need to be doing it. He spotted it straight away and came back like a well functioning boomerang,

“It sounds like you just need some accountability.”

Bam! he was right. I know how to swim, I know how to exercise, I also know I need more than my weekly Pilates class. So why wasn’t I doing it? I had no one to answer to, that’s why.

The Result of Accountability

So, three weeks ago my new mentor suggested three activities a week, I began swimming. It was cold, dark and damp, I can tell you now, the only thing that made me go was the thought of phoning him to explain why I hadn’t bothered, it was enough. That first time, every single one of the 30 lengths was tough, it has been a while. What kept me going? The thought that I would be telling him how I did. Fast forward three weeks and I have just got home from 60 lengths. Four more lengths and I will be swimming a mile. Each length is now feels easier and, dare I say it, I am smiling inside. I have achieved all of that because of accountability.

Nicola Swimming Accountability in Business Works Content Writer My Words Work For You cambridge

Take the plunge, you can do it

How Can Accountability Help You?

I know you are busy, I know there is always something more pressing, I know next week I am going to have to exercise discipline to get through the content writing mountain and get my swimming in. I also know I will do it. I will do it because of the positive effect of accountability. I feel proud of myself when I tell Chris how I am doing and I feel a whole lot better having done it.

Make Yourself Accountable

Are you struggling with tasks that are:

  • Boring?
  • Difficult?
  • Enormous?
  • Not in your skill-set?

The message is,  make yourself accountable to someone, it’s a great motivator.

A big shout out to Chris from Innerfit for his encouragement, I am very glad you are there.

** Update** I have swum the mile, hurrah!

** Update No 2** Today I swam 100 lengths, 2.5 km

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