Link Building Like a Pro

Top Tips For Sustainable Link Building

Thankfully, gone are the days of creating spurious links from dubious directories in order to climb the Google charts. To reach page 1 of Google, you are competing in a field of millions. The take home message is, be good at what you do and offer a service or product that people want or need. I attended an excellent course in Cambridge last week organised by Optimisey, (slips in a well-earned and relevant link to Optimisey) I thought I would share some of the top tips provided by guest speaker Stacey MacNaught with you.

  1. Do not subscribe to free directories
  2. Write great features for reputable and relevant websites
  3. Make your product/service desirable
  4. Find out what relevant publications are going to focus on and offer useful/interesting/well-written articles at the right times for publication
  5. Research relevant keywords to work out what people are searching for
  6. Offer your suppliers a testimonial including a link to your site
  7. Keep it real/natural
Links in a chain Link building Business support for websites Cambridge

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