The Irony of ‘Dear Valued Customer’

When opening those ‘Dear Valued Customer’  emails, how do you feel? Valued? Probably not. Would you email a friend with, ‘Dear person I like’? I think not.

As a customer, if I have chosen to offer my details to a company, it is with good reason:

  • I love their products
  • I love what they do
  • I believe in them

I may not wish to buy from them regularly, unless it’s sustenance I probably won’t, but I am happy to hear from them, if they do it well I might even enjoy doing so. Please don’t write to me as ‘Dear Valued Customer’, clearly I am not valued, you can’t even be bothered to use my name. If I have made that choice to subscribe to a mailing list, I am showing loyalty, that deserves some reward, or at the very least, effort.

Managing CRM – Customer Relationship Management

It’s worth the effort! A database of customer details is like gold dust and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Here’s a company’s opportunity to build relationships, to understand, to show customers that they made a good choice and that this company is exactly what the customer needs. In providing details, customers are making a commitment; they want to choose you again, maybe not regularly, maybe once in a blue moon, but it is you they choose, because they like you.

Marketing Strategy

It’s horses for courses. One size does not fit all.

  1. First, segment your list logically, this will depend on your offering but it could be by one or more: gender, age, buying frequency, product choices, geography, interests, needs…The list is by no means exhaustive.
  2. Market specifically to each sector. Your marketing strategy should be to target each sector according to their needs, speak to them as individuals, open a dialogue, demonstrate that you understand them and are there to help.
  3. Address them by name!

Relevant, Timely, Tailored

Think of your circle of friends, how often do you get in touch with

Email Marketing Strategy Content Marketing My Words Work For You

Email Marketing – It’s ‘Horses for Courses’

your ‘inner circle’? How about those you hardly ever see? Could you imagine writing to them every day? What effect would it have? For ‘sporadic’ subscribers who only buy once or twice a year, a monthly reminder places you in their mind, reminds them how good you are, and keeps them ‘in the loop’…and it doesn’t annoy them so much that they unsubscribe. For more regular customers, more regular emails, hitting the right spot, making them feel included and part of something special. If they are only interested in a specific range of products, bombarding them with irrelevant info is not going to end well. Show them you care, you know who they are, they matter. Well written emails (enter Content Writer), will be aspirational, evoking the desire to be in that inner circle. In the main, people like to be part of something good.

Build Your Database

Nurture your customer datase as you would your friends, you never know when you might need them or when they might need you. In another article I wrote about treating your customers as friends, I talk about the ‘long game’, building relationships with customers based on trust, they are the only relationships that last. If I trust someone with my details, they need to deserve that trust, don’t bombard me with irrelevant, nameless, pointless emails, I deserve better. Remind me why I chose you and I’ll be there for the long game.

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