Time to Repurpose

Carpet grooming has become something of a Saturday morning ritual for me.

Why? I hear you cry. Hear me out…

Identifying a Need

Despite the claims of effectiveness, I am yet to find a vacuum cleaner that removes the hair of two Springer Spaniels woven into my carpet. It’s not as bad as you may think, whilst on my hands and knees I am sneaking in some Pilates exercises and feeling smug about not getting ‘bingo wings’ yet. I don’t know anyone else who does this, but then, I thought of it. This brings me to the purpose of this article.

Finding a Solution

Dissatisfied with the performance of another ‘pet hair removal’ vacuum, I began to problem solve. It wasn’t difficult, it just required pausing for thought, and thinking ‘outside of the box’. What is there that could grab the hair and pull it out?

Zoom Groom dog brush Repuropsing Content Marketing My Words Work For You

Eureka! Grooming, Not Just For Pets Image credit: Kong

It wasn’t long before I was buying my second Zoom Groom, having worn down the first. It struck me, if Kong marketed this as a ‘Carpet Groom’ © My Words Work For You, they could significantly increase sales and revenue. Their target market is their existing audience, there waiting, ankle deep in pet hair. Kong have a solution in their hands to meet an everlasting need; the exciting part is, many people are yet to identify that they have that need at all. All Kong need to do is help their buyers realise; the power of suggestion.

  1. You have unhygienic pet hair festering in your carpets.
  2. We have the solution you need.
Zoom Dog brush for carpets Content Marketing My Words Work For You

Show People How To Think Differently

Grow Your Market, Who Else Could Benefit?

In a company I worked with previously, many of the products that were being marketed purely for children had validity for a completely different audience. Toys and games that entertain and stretch young minds serve our older generations equally as well. When writing content for each product I introduced the idea in the audience’s minds of all of the people that could benefit from each product. Thinking like this could double the target market, potentially reaching an audience with a greater need and more disposable income.

What Could You Repurpose?

Repurposing is relevant to products, content and people. Look around you, what could have greater potential? What needs could be met by repurposing something that exists already. Like with the Zoom Groom, it may need adapting (if it was vulcanised it would last longer, but that could be part of a canny sales strategy), it may need re-marketing, but the chances are, there is no need to re-invent the wheel, just attach your wheel to a different mode of transportation.

Discover Gaps in the Market You Never Knew Existed

Not suggesting that if you sell xylophones you should begin marketing to chicken farmers, but you get the idea. Chickens may not be your niche market, identifying what is brings focus and drive, as well as, well, a new audience who are totally ‘in to you’. Have a quick read, ‘Niche Marketing, Are You Brave Enough To Get Kinky?’.

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