Get More Customers With An Effective About Us Page

Your About Us Page

I’ve recently been asked for help with another About Us page, I love writing these. This is an excellent opportunity for your customers to get to know you. Clearly your website should reflect the nature of your business and it is horses for courses. I have recently had the necessity to spend time choosing a funeral directors. Coming across a fun-packed page showing comical images of the staff wouldn’t have been appropriate, it’s a serious business. That said, showing their human side via their About Us page would be entirely fitting and would have induced me to trust them with the arrangements I now need to make.

Begin the Relationship Well

Bearing the above in mind and always keeping your professionalism and competence in the foreground, your About Us page is your chance to show your personality, strengths, quirks and some interesting facts that will reach out to a wider audience and solicit  trust. About Us pages are the most frequently read pages on most websites, make yours work hard and bring more customers into your site.

Top Tips To Create An Effective About Us Page

  • Have a look at your competitors’ pages, note what you like and don’t like
  • Never copy somebody else’s content, yours must be unique to you
  • Include clear images of your faces making eye contact with the lens
  • Optimise those images for SEO (Sorry, couldn’t stop myself from putting that one in)
  • Provide a name with each image
  • Tell your audience what each person is responsible for and how they can help
  • Give an interesting and quirky fact, make it fun/light-hearted 
  • Give Examples of how each individual has helped to provide a great product or service
  • Remember, whilst it is an ‘About Us’ page, like with all pages, your potential customer is interested in how you can help them.
  • Step back, how does it look? Inviting?
  • Keep it updated
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