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Content Writing to Attract an Audience

I have a theory. For some years now I have created content for a wide range of clients. Obviously, I keep the audience uppermost in my mind and ‘speak to them’ as I write. My aim is to engage them … Continue reading

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The Future of Our High Streets

This is our local High Street. Behind the rather quaint façade of these properties with character is potentially, a tale of foreboding. Is Retail Set to Fail? We moved to this area almost 20 years ago.  The truth is, this … Continue reading

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Are Your Customer Relationships Flying High?

This week I have booked over £5,000 worth of flights with a well known British flight operator. Myself and a client will be travelling to the United States, twice in the next two months. Usually, if I fly for personal … Continue reading

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Radio Uplift #mentalhealthawareness

I have had an idea! I have lots of ideas, some good, some less so, some exciting. This idea has got legs… Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’ this morning was in response to someone choosing to extinguish the lives of 22 … Continue reading

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Why Product Personification Increases Sales

personification pəˌsɒnɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form. “Peter heard the last piece of pie calling his name” Product Personification I’ve seen some … Continue reading

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A GOOD Telling Off

This weekend, after months, no years, of thinking I really should go and visit an aunt and uncle, I made time. In my head, I have genuinely been busy, work to do, clients to keep happy, friends to see…etc. There … Continue reading

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Storytelling and Why it Matters

Just a quick post, today is a mix of self-indulgence and indulging others. Our usual morning dog walk with its regular encounter with doggy pals and their owners is to be followed by storytelling and a Pilates class. Let me … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Learned

As I snuggled up for storytime with my great niece today, we entered the world of Miffy. It was Miffy’s birthday, Miffy donned her pretty dress with daisies on and was politely grateful for the ‘gay parcels’ that awaited her. … Continue reading

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How Attractive is Your USP?

Last weekend we had a surprise visit from my daughter. Embarking on her final term of a BA at The University of Nottingham and President of Enactus Nottingham, she didn’t have the time to come home. I was delighted to … Continue reading

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Want success? Get Some Sleep!

Prepare yourself, I am about to have a rant! Over the years I have come across business mentors, articles, posts on social media etc. all extolling the virtues of getting up at the crack of dawn and working a ridiculous … Continue reading

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