Easy SEO for 2019

How has 2018 been for you? How’s business? Competition is ever more fierce, cutting through an ever increasing amount of content is like wading through treacle. How will your target market find you? The good news is, if you get it right, you can be ‘up there with the big boys’. Google’s updates might seem complex, but ultimately what Google wants is to see a great user experience. 

Six Easy SEO Steps for 2019

  • Show E-A-T: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness
  • Keywords are still important. Research the most relevant keywords and use them appropriately
  • Optimise page headings 
  • Optimise meta descriptions
  • Optimise the content of every page
  • Build relevant, good quality links

Quality Content is Crucial

Quality content ticks Google’s E.A.T. boxes. Your page content should not only make you shine, but it must demonstrate your expertise; take time to create authentic content to engender trust. Mistakes or inaccuracies will do you no favours, it is, therefore, a worthwhile investment. I have written for a wide range of businesses from accountancy to Science, research and fact-checking is essential to create authentic and accurate content for every client. 

Feel free to browse through the SEO guidance throughout the site, contact me if you wish to discuss anything further. 

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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