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So here I am, whiling away long, lazy days in the South of France. The biggest stressors for two whole weeks are the odd butterfly rescue from the pool and avoiding sunburn in the hellish rays. Someone has to do it.

Why did I choose to holiday here?

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Rustic charm, imagine you are here

Need I explain? Well I guess it is a blog post…This is the French holiday home of a wonderful family I have the privilege to call friends. This home has been loved by them for years, since our last visit we have seen its evolution into a jewel nestled in deepest French countryside. It isn’t flash, or ostentatious, it has rustic charm oozing out of every nook and cranny and has been nurtured, as estate agents would say, ‘sympathetically’, it is not trying to be anything it isn’t, it is simply being the best it was born to be. I have been working hard, we all have, we needed time to recharge, regroup and refresh, this is the perfect place.

Hammock in france farmhouse France Copywriter My Words Work For You

Climb in, rest, restore yourself

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OK, maybe a little bit of work is allowed

So why is it not booked up for years to come?

I’ve asked myself this question, and asked the owner, and I think I’ve worked it out. Whilst I am one of the lucky few who knows about this haven, the other poor souls have to wade through the treacle pool that is Google in order to find it. When they do, it has to grab them and hold them there. So if the owner wants people to be in on the secret and enjoy time here, what is she to do?

It’s More Than Just SEO

Have a look on the website, the house is accurately described; it really is an idyllic rural farmhouse, and it is near Tarn Et-Garonne. There are great images of house and garden too, but there is something lacking. The words don’t evoke emotion, they don’t grab the reader by their needs and provide the answer they are looking for by plunging their minds into this perfect place. But how? Rather than describing a three-bedroomed house that sleeps 8-10 people with a pool, conjure up a picture of precious family time, seclusion and privacy providing the freedom to sing, dance, play games, laugh and get to know each other better than ever before. Describe the 10 meter pool as the perfect place for cooling off in the glorious sunshine, skinny-dipping with only the birds watching. The garden is a place for al fresco dining, boules, twitching (kites, nightingales, turtle doves) and lepidoptery (scarce swallowtail, cleopatra, adonis blue et al). What this house offers is a haven, enrichment, food for the soul and precious memories just waiting to be created.

Fifteenth Century Gate in France Farmhouse Copywriter on holiday My Words Work For You

Enter, come and experience this magical place

Content Writing Works its Magic

Above and beyond the usual content marketing and SEO, to get a website to appear high in the rankings, words need to work their magic and make the reader want, or even need to choose you. So dear reader, enter, come and enjoy this magical place, your journey awaits. I shall end here and go and join my son in a game of boules, to the beautiful sound of the nightingale that watches us play.

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