Supporting Local Businesses

When you open the front door and it is clearly someone selling something, what’s your initial reaction? Yes, mine too. I was calculating my ‘exit strategy’ as this chap said something that caught my attention and stopped me. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Customer Relationship Management

And so it transpired, Tim is a milkman, not just an ordinary milkman, Tim can deliver a plethora of groceries, direct from the farm. In fact, Tim captured my attention by telling me the milk he would be quietly placing on my doorstep at 5am will have left the cow approximately 10 hours beforehand. he assured me he is the quietest milkman in the country and that all he hoped, was that I would support his local farm and give the relationship a chance. He vowed to do everything he could to make it work for me. I am in.

Supporting Small Business

Apart from being a staunch advocate of supporting small businesses, my rationale was that I would also be saving money. This fresh milk is delivered to my door as I need it, sparing me the ordeal of needing to nip in to the supermarket for milk but leaving an hour later with a trolley full of shopping.

Getting it Right

It gets better, this milkman has recognised the need to adopt, adapt and improve and has transformed his offering. Along with a well-written letter introducing me to Tim and his family, I was provided with a two side ‘menu’ of products to choose from. Tim Davis Dairies are able to provide me with meats, cheeses, bread (made at the farm), drinks etc. All at a reasonable price.

Tim Davies Dairies product list Small Business Support Content Writer My Words Work For You

Providing a service that wins customers

Customer Loyalty

I am already a convert. I have chosen to support this milkman who knocked on my door at 6pm on a Saturday evening. Tim has made the effort and ‘introduced’ me to himself and his family, I feel a bond and I trust that he will be true to his word and he’ll work hard to make it work. He hasn’t promised me the moon and stars, I am not expecting my own personal cow, I am expecting that Tim will work hard to make me want to stay. Well done Tim, so far, you are getting it right and in the words of Tony Hsieh, you are Delivering Happiness by looking after your customers, one by one. I am right behind you, but maybe not at 5am!

Evidence of how I have supported small businesses to thrive, here.

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