Does Marketing Work For You?

I had a 3pm call scheduled with a client yesterday, he is contemplating a ‘pivot’ in his business. Business is good; his aspirations have shifted. After discussing the potential mission statement and manifesto of his idea we moved on to the marketing of it. We had a great conversation, batting backwards and forwards and then out it came. I found myself saying…

“You know, marketing today is just noise, people tune out”

Marketing, Is It Just Noise?

It’s true, isn’t it? How much marketing do you actually take notice of? What percentage actually sinks in? Let’s get down to it, how much of it makes you act? There is so much information out there, bombarding the senses on every forum. Banner retargeting, clever search capabilities and spiders that watch your every move mean you can’t even browse without being found out, then stalked. Are we all just ‘switching off’?

Let’s Get Back To Basics

In all of my work, I try to think like the customer. What do they want, I mean really really want (Thank you Spice Girls). The conversation with my client was no exception. The reality is, even the cleverest SMART mission statement and manifesto may not make me buy in. What would? Here is the answer… If a trusted friend told me how great it was, how amazing it really really was, then I would prick up my ears and take notice.

An Example of Marketing That Works

I gave my client an example. My dogs are fed on a raw diet, once we had ‘made the leap’ we have never looked back. It costs more but the gains outweigh the losses and I don’t think my dogs would want to revert to kibble. After a long dog walk with a friend who was sceptical but curious, I took around a doggie bag of raw treats. There I was, doing the marketing for my raw food supplier, Naturally Healthy Dog. My friend is far more likely to trust me than to trust any marketing techniques. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. Haddock cube anyone?

Goodie Bag marketing Marketing Startegy My Words Work For You

Our Marketing Strategy

So I suggested that my client, a fitness coach, could very easily get his clients to do the marketing for him. Once a week he could invent and ‘give away’ a free one minute exercise to each of his clients, all they have to do is teach five friends and get them to do it. Show them doing it on social media ‘kerching’. He is demonstrating his knowledge, his expertise and his ethos of caring for his clients. Potentially thousands of clients are experiencing the benefits of exercising the ‘Innerfit way’. They are already hooked, and can see it works.

What could you do to encourage your customers to do your marketing for you?

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