Do What You Love

In a bizarre turn of events this week, I was given a part as an extra in a new TV series. This isn’t a particular ambition of mine, and I don’t think I shall be shopping for a dress for the Oscars anytime soon, but it’s a new experience

Do What You Love

I am going through a ‘phase’. I’m approaching a significant birthday and find myself reviewing life choices and considering future choices. The over-riding feeling is:

We are only here once.

Working with a client in London last week I awoke to see this outside my hotel window…

Do What You Love Hotel view Content Writer My Words Work For You

For you, and for those around you

Work-Life Balance

I am lucky, for the most part, I am doing what I love. I work with some awesome clients who value what I do and appreciate the impact it has on their businesses. I am also fortunate that I manage my time and I’m master of my ship. For me, it is not about the money, it is about the quality of the life I am leading, and the balance.

It’s Not About The Money

I like to give back, I am volunteering to help children read at the local primary school. Why? I have seen first-hand the impact of poor literacy in the workplace, and on individuals. I am also at liberty to choose to take part in the filming of this upcoming series, having the choice is important to me.

A Positive Impact

We are only here once and I choose to make it count. I choose to grasp every new experience and to make a positive impact on the people and places around me. I want to look back with a smile and know that I treated myself and others well.

To quote the words of Heather Small, I will ask myself daily,

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

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