Start The Day Well

Good Morning! (It is as I write this)

How is your day so far? Monday mornings can be a challenging concept. Our weekend was packed: In London to watch ‘The Last Leg‘, housework and rugby, friends for dinner until late ‘o clock, unusually for me at a weekend, some work to help a client out, followed by a day clearing the house of a relative who has sadly passed away. Monday morning has arrived at break-neck speed.

Get The Day Off To The Best Start

How does this sound for a great start to any day…

  1. Wake early, straight into swimming togs and down to the pool for 80 lengths
  2. Dog walk in the sunshine around the local nature reserve
  3. Cup of tea beside me, dogs at my feet and down to work. Today I am writing about ELISA testing kits used in scientific research, I finished this one last week.
Springer Spaniel Walk Freelance content writer for small business My Words Work For You

Springers in Springtime

The Freelance Content Writer Lifestyle

Civilised huh? I know how lucky I am to be a freelance content writer. And I get to sit here feeling virtuous for the ret of the day. My point really is, life is a balance, if I am in a good place mentally and physically, I am far better placed to produce outstanding work for my clients. Be good to yourself, set yourself up for the day with a great start.

Have a great Monday everyone.


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