Content Writing to Attract an Audience

I have a theory. For some years now I have created content for a wide range of clients. Obviously, I keep the audience uppermost in my mind and ‘speak to them’ as I write. My aim is to engage them on an appropriate level and make the copy memorable, bringing products and services to life.

Psychology of Content Writing My Words Work For You

Content writing – reaching the audience on a deeper level

Scientific Content Writing

When writing content for scientific companies I am writing for an audience of PhD and above. This audience is carrying out research that could save lives, that’s no laughing matter and there is no place for humour. Researchers are faced with a multitude of companies offering the best supplies to obtain the most reliable and accurate data. Making an informed choice can be like wading through a treacle dictionary.

How do I make my clients stand out from the crowd?  

Think About Your Audience

Another intrinsic part of what I do is to ‘get into the heads’ of my audience. Studying psychology at degree level has contributed to that process, for me it’s essential. Thinking of the reader/customer/potential customer…

  • Who are they?
  • What do they need?
  • How is their day?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the pain points?
  • How can I make things easier?
  • What would make them believe in my client?

So here’s my theory… When producing scientific content writing I can make things easier for them by writing clearly. Researchers spend their working day trying to digest articles and information that requires higher level knowledge and understanding; it’s hard work! If I write clearly, concisely and accurately my feeling is, as they come to my writing it will feel like an oasis in an otherwise arid desert of information.

Long term Aims

Subliminally, my target audience will begin to gravitate to my clients’ websites as they find the experience quicker, easier and less stressful. My long term aim is for my clients to become the ‘go to’ suppliers of their particular scientific products. Clearly, the content I write must be scientifically accurate and in no way disdainful, these guys deserve respect. What I would like to do is to provide some respite from the challenging level of information that comes as standard in the scientific world. The by-product for my clients should be an increase in sales as more customers choose to visit their websites.

Aswell as providing a better user experience, in the face of stiff competition, it pays to be different…


Here’s one I made earlier about mosquito borne disease research.

And here’s a fascinating insight into clever little liposomes

Honestly? It’s been a long time since my science degree so writing articles in plain English sits very comfortably with me! I am loving the experience.

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