What To Do With A Bad Review

Firstly, once a bad review is there, it’s there to stay. There are a few forums with difficult and lengthy processes to dispute reviews but the process is arduous, better to not find yourself in that position but human nature being as it is, there will always be that person that feels compelled to write you a hum-dinger of a bad review. Why?

  • They received bad service
  • Your courier has let you down
  • They are having a bad day
  • Your product did not meet their expectations
  • It is easier to rant from behind a screen than speak to people
Sad face plate with silver knife and fork Bad reviews Business Support

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What if the Review is Unfair?

Firstly, acknowledge their feelings, show empathy. Secondly, calmly and clearly show how it is unfair using evidence to back up what you say. Finally, use the chance to suggest something that will make the situation better and demonstrate to others how fabulous you are.

What if the Review is Justified?


If you have promised to fulfil your part of the deal with a valuable customer by providing a product or service but somehow let them down, here is your chance to shine:

  1. Apologise – ‘I am so sorry…’
  2. Acknowledge their feelings – ‘I completely understand why you feel…’
  3. State how you will try to repair the damage (go the extra mile on this)
  4. State what steps you will take to ensure this doesn’t happen again
  5. Thank them for the feedback and the opportunity to improve

A Final Thought

What stimulated me to write this post? I had received wonderful service from a business and felt compelled to write them a good review to show them support. I was astonished to see that in amongst the rave reviews there were two or three one star ‘hum-dingers’. It happens, it could happen to any small business and may be due to factors outside your control. How you deal with it could be your moment in the spotlight, make it count. 

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