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Advertising – Reach New Heights

I have always advised clients to steer clear of advertising in newspapers and magazines. At prohibitive costs, that advert only stands a chance of working for you for the seconds that particular page is open AND if someone happens to focus on it. The moment the page is shut, your investment stops working, the end.

So What Media Works?

Attention now is on social media, it’s all about sharing, liking, commenting and viewing. It is worth considering how you could advertise at any place that is likely to be shared on social media. Clearly, it isn’t quite as straightforward as that, we can’t all go hanging banners across Niagra Falls. Think of somewhere that has some connection to your business that people are likely to photograph. Is there an opportunity to promote your business in a stand-out way?

Let Me Give You An Example

Let me explain… As I write, one of the clients I am working with is building the Obstacle Training Ground. People from all sectors of society will be turning up to pitch themselves against a frightening array of obstacles: walls, tyres, ramps, nets etc. etc. Meanwhile, and here’s the thing, their friends and family will photograph them as they conquer each obstacle. What’s the first thing they will do with those photos? Straight on to social media, we all like to show off the moment we conquered the 8 foot wall!

Climbing Wall Obstacle Small Business Support My Words Work For You

Advertising Reach -Scale New Heights

A Win-Win Situation

What an opportunity. We will contact local, relevant businesses and offer them the opportunity to sponsor an obstacle. Every visitor to the Obstacle Training Ground not only promotes the facility itself, but also the associated bussinesses who have a four foot x 2 foot banner in the shot.  Their banner will appear on the screens, and in the psyche of an ever increasing audience every time is it liked, shared, viewed and commented on.

Changing World

Gone are the days of paying hundreds, or even thousands of pounds for a prime spot in a magazine, we need to be thinking far more dynamically. Get people to do the work for you by sharing. For this physical fitness facility we will offer the opportunity to local businesses: sports shops, fitness centres, sporting event organisers, accountants, printers…in fact any businesses whose target audience is likely to visit this venue.

Get in touch if you would like to advertise, venue is opening at the end of the month.

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