Business Sustainability, Ryanair Style

I recently booked flights on Ryanair. Since 1st November the only way you can take a cabin bag in to the aircraft is by paying for priority boarding. Ryanair have also changed their seating policy. I waited as usual until 48 hours before the flight to book seats, ignoring copious emails explaining how I will be sitting alone, on a seat I didn’t choose if I didn’t pay for seats immediately. I checked, there were many seats available on the plane, I wasn’t falling for it… 

And Here’s The Catch

On schedule, I checked in and as usual, went to choose my seats. However, those cunning little guys at Ryanair have fixed it so if you don’t purchase seats they are ‘randomly allocated’, in an expensive part of the aeroplane, far from whoever you are travelling with, yet in a sea of available seats. ‘That’s OK’, I thought, ‘I will just change them’. And here’s where Ryanair have got you ‘by the short and curlies’, you can no longer choose your seats for free, you have to have separate seats or buy new ones. Added to that, if you just move one person, you are forced to purchase an expensive (but available) seat beside the other. Either way, Ryanair get more money. 

Hidden Costs

Is this a clever upsell on the part of Ryanair? The flights I paid for because they were cheap (I admit it), were not cheap at all, they were the price Ryanair said they would be + Priority boarding + cost of a seat. How did it leave me feeling? CHEATED, MISLED, DUPED. 

Is This Clever Marketing?

Why don’t Ryanair just sell the flight for a price that includes a cabin bag, and a seat and say up front there are no hidden costs? Because then they wouldn’t appear at the top of the search engines when people are looking for the cheapest fare. Will I continue to use Ryanair in the future? Possibly, but henceforth, I will add another £15 to the stated price and see how it compares. Of course Ryanair know that people will continue to buy flights in the belief they are cheaper, but I wonder how sustainable this way of operating is as a business model.

A More Sustainable Business Model

Surely in time people will cotton on that the seemingly cheap fares will dramatically rise in reality? Will people continue to choose airlines like this? Would it not be better practice to advertise prices with a marketing message that there will be no hidden costs? ‘The price you see is the price you pay’, that’s the kind of open and honest message that would attract me.

It occurs to me, I might choose to forgo my seat and opt to stand/walk around the plane instead, I have after all, paid for the flight. how do you think that might go? 

While on the topic of Ryanair, here is an interesting read about their other scheme to increase profitability, the scratchcards! 

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