Advertising – Turn On or Turn Off?

Powerful Advertising May Have The Power To Repel Your Audience

I am looking for a pilates class. You may know this already but pilates is not cheap! I want to know that the class I choose is:

  • Good quality
  • Effective
  • Good value

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Advertising Desperation?

Several classes I have found have a waiting list, I want to go to one of those. I would rather wait to ensure that the class I go to will work. If a class is no good people will vote with their feet. One class nearby is constantly advertising, I mean everywhere you look, on Facebook, on the local business pages, posters, competitions. Today I could tag a friend in their Facebook competition to be in with a chance of getting six classes free, if I am the ‘lucky winner’.  I don’t want to go to that one, not even if it was free.

Advertise How Good You Are

So what’s the point of this article? As a potential customer, seeing increasingly frequent (increasingly desperate?) advertising has a negative effect, it is a complete turn off. What I want is to find a class that is SO GOOD, they don’t need to advertise. It’s a tricky game this advertising malarkey, businesses need to raise profile, remind people they are there, show the world what they offer but there is a fine line to be trodden to do this without implying few people have chosen you.

I am in the fortunate position of not needing to advertise. Like the ‘waiting list’ pilates, people find me through word of mouth, or after seeing my work, not through a Facebook competition! Speak about your successes, share personal experiences of your happy customers and give potential customers  a chance to share in that success with the opportunity to choose you via an elegant and carefully timed campaign.

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