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In a previous post, ‘Search Engine Success – Content is King‘ I talked about ways to keep Google happy, including:

  1. Why the UX (User Experience) is a priority
  2. How the quality of your content directly impacts SEO
  3. The importance of high quality inbound links
  4. Why meta descriptions still matter (for your click-through rate)
  5. Why your site should be secure.

Here, the focus is on content, why quality matters and the benefits it will bring.

Content Writing Matters

Your content is your voice, your conversation with existing and prospective clients, your image, your message, your ethos, the face of your organisation. How well does it speak of you? How appropriately is it dressed? How easy is it to understand?  What impression does it give? Is your content the best it can be?

User Experience

Google’s algorithms get cleverer by the day. No longer can keywords be stuffed in to poor quality copy to get results, hallelujah! Apart from the mechanics of your site (speed, pop-ups. navigation, links etc.), Google focuses on how your content affects the user experience. Is it clear, concise and easy to read? Does it make you STAND OUT? Does it tell your story and that of your offering?

Content Writing Tips

  • Headlines – 4-9 words that sum up the writing beneath
  • Naturally written – Google’s RankBrain is watching (and reading)
  • Unique – Google will penalise you for copying
  • Helpful – Does it inform/help the user?
  • Readable – Why make it inaccessible? Nobody has time for that

Well-written content will reach the user on a deeper psychological level, inducing loyalty, and  inspiring belief in you and your products/services that will inculcate a near unshakable bond.

Content Writing – a Long-Term Investment

Below is a graph of the results achieved purely from writing great copy for one of my clients. The impact was instantaneous and continuous.

Content Marketing SEO Copywriter Cambridge My Worfd Work For You

Quality Content Reaps Rewards

Your aim? To attain and retain customers. Accurate, relevant and useful content that informs, clarifies and assists will continue to work hard for you long into the future. Good quality content will represent and serve you well, it is surely worthy of investment.

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