Menopausal Melee

After an evening with friends who spent their time alternately fanning themselves, I had a flash of inspiration, in the form of the Three Little Pigs. So I thought I’d try my hand at writing a poem. It’s been fun, I might carry on, as the mood takes me. Here’s to all the women enduring their own unique menopause, past and present, ladies, you are wonderful.

Menopausal Melee

Menopause, menopause, why did you begin?

Now I have hairs on my chinney-chin-chin

Sweat runs down my sides, face beetroot red

Little control over what my mouth said

I huff and I puff and the weight that I’ve gained

Makes my clothing too tight, stitches are strained

A wobbly belly, wrinkly skin

A shrivelled up uterus, lurking within

My brain’s in a fug, I leak when I sneeze

Once magnificent boobs heading down to my knees

I have not a clue what I came in here for

Or what we just talked about moments before

Rhino-hide skin and more delicate bones

Tight vocal chords, set to ‘old woman’ tones

Ms Grumpy, Ms Cranky both wait in the wings

To leap centre stage at the slightest of things

But I’m female, I’m strong, I’ve coped with much more

I’ll cope with this shit, and soon be restored

A bold new me is coming along

She’s a wise old bird, she’ll sing her own song

Menopause, menopause, why did you begin?

I’ll ride out the storm, until then, there’s gin

© Nicola Dunklin @ My Words Work For You

Sorry about the rude word Mum & Dad 🙂

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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