No Direction? Set Goals

To ‘kick-off’ the weekend we joined a group of friends at a ‘pop-up’ restaurant that we love, The Little Piggy Supper Club. I love the concept, ‘foodies’ open their homes to food-lovers and offer an exquisite, home-cooked menu, we rock up with wine to match, a perfect night.

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Good Company

We opted for our usual seating arrangement whereby nobody was allowed to sit next to their partners, ‘mix it up a bit’. I found myself between two friends who happen to be successful businessmen. One asked the other if he had collected his new Range Rover yet, which sparked a conversation between us.

How Come a Range Rover?

Knowing he could have any car of his choosing, I asked what made him choose a Range Rover. He told me the story. 11 years ago he sat down with a piece of paper and wrote down where he wanted to be in 10 years. One goal was to be able to walk to work, one was to be driving a top of the range Range Rover. He explained that he is goal driven. He went on to explain that it had actually taken 11 years, he ‘needed all of his ducks in a row’, the extra year didn’t matter, achieving the goal did.

Why Goals Work

From the point of writing down those goals, this businessman  knew the direction he was heading, and could work out the steps he needed to take in order to get there. He moved his business into the town he lived last month, he no longer has a 45 minute commute. It took analysis, planning, strategy, and sagacity, it was a clever move. So if you sat down right now and listed how you want your life to look in 10 years, how would your list look?

The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or the reward, it’s the person we become by finding the discipline, courage and commitment to achieve them.”

~ cia

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