Is Poor Marketing Worse Than No Marketing?

What inspired me to write this post? I have recently received marketing emails telling me, in a carefully crafted box, to…

Chose Now’

It didn’t evoke feelings of trust in the knowledge and professionalism of the company. Similar ‘turn-offs’ are irrelevant or too frequent emails. Is this kind of marketing worse than no marketing at all? I would argue that marketing should at the very least, make you look good. 

Marketing Goals

I have recently begun working with two new clients. One is a business start-up, the team have a strong background in marketing, I am producing content, they know how to market it, perfect. The other is a small business in the Fens serving trade and retail customers. The latter business is doing OK with little or no marketing, they have a loyal customer base who choose them because of their products, their service and their prices. They want to enhance their offering by sorting out a ‘sedentary’ website to optimise its performance. With both clients, we are creating a clear set of achievable and realistic goals.

Realising Marketing Potential

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Hiring a good content writer is an investment

Both companies have plenty of opportunities for increasing their potential. The new start-up have knowledge and experience of marketing and they have employed the skills of a good copywriter, we are working well as a team.

The small business in the Fens have the luxury of an existing customer base who know and trust them. They now also have the potential to improve, increasing turnover through well-written copy and search engine optimisation of their ‘blank canvas ‘ of a website.  We can realise the potential logically and sequentially, starting with the optimisation of the website then beginning a marketing strategy that is relevant and useful to the audience as well as being well written!

More musings on marketing here and here. What kinds of marketing annoy you? What makes you unsubscribe? Conversely, what do you love to see? What makes you click  ‘BUY NOW’?


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