Apostrophe Abuse

I get it!  I know that some people cannot (can’t) get their heads around apostrophes. I know some people completely restructure their sentences to avoid using (or abusing) them. ‘Nicola’s dog’ becomes ‘the dog owned by Nicola’. I understand that, and that is (that’s) OK, at least they are applying effort.

What’s Happened to the Rules?

Here is (here’s) what I do not (don’t) understand. Why are we now seeing more and more of this?
  • You too kind
  • We in London
  • I been shopping

Evolution Should Be Improvement

I know that language evolves and that is (that’s) not a bad thing, who could not like the word ‘hangry’? But how is it suddenly OK to completely drop essential components of sentences?  Is ‘We in London’ a case of the speaker not understanding how to use apostrophes? Or are they just too lazy to text the word ‘are’? Or worse, do they genuinely feel that ‘We in London’ is correct?

Safeguard Our Grammar

Social media is becoming increasingly dominant, how much of our valuable time is spent gazing at a screen? We are at risk of producing more individuals who cannot (can’t) write, converse or interact socially, and are unable to construct a grammatically correct sentence. Examples of poor grammar in business marketing seem to be on the increase, these businesses looks unprofessional and give the impression they don’t care enough to pay attention to detail. In a competitive marketplace, why put yourself at a disadvantage? Shouldn’t we be making every effort to safeguard literacy?

Apostrophes Made Simple

Apostrophes are used for ONLY two reasons:
  1. To show ownership – Nicola’s dog (the dog BELONGS to Nicola)
  2. To show omission  – It isn’t difficult (it is nOt difficult – The O has been omitted and replaced with an apostrophe)
They are NEVER used  to show plurality – More than one apostrophe is apostrophes, not apostrophe’s!

Final Thought

Teacher and blackboard saying every time you use an apostrophe to make a plural a puppy dies Grammar Use My Words Work For You Content Writer

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