Writing Compelling, Emotive Copy For Your Website

It’s that time of year again. Inboxes are flooded with marketing emails, everybody has a ‘limited time special offer‘, everyone wants you to ‘buy now‘. Like never before we are bombarded with cries for attention, every trick in the book is deployed by highly sophisticated teams of marketeers. Does any of it work for you?

Define Your Goals

I have recently been working with a client to re-define his marketing goals. He had a meeting scheduled with a design team at the end of last week. This acted as the deadline to create a crystal clear vision of where the business was heading and how it was going to get there.

Be Clear on Your Offering, For You and Your Customers

The process was iterative, at times almost uncomfortable. A lot of searching questions from me resulted in a lot of soul searching for my client. By the end, we had a very clear idea of the mission and manifesto, I was able to articulate my client’s thoughts in to compelling statements. Walking out of the meeting he sent me these messages….

“Just finished with the design chap”

” He LOVES it!!!”

“Genuinely evoked emotion when he read it”

Which brings me to the point.

Compelling Content That Evokes Emotion

I asked you at the beginning if any of the marketing you are bombarded with actually works. The chances are, it doesn’t. When writing content for any client I aim to evoke emotion in the reader. Emotive copy will inspire people to pause, to think, to act. In a sea of emotionless but ‘clever’ marketing materials, the ‘stuff’ that stands out is the content that sparks emotion in the audience.

Compelling Content Writing

I could pull up thousands of examples. I will pluck one from one of my first clients.

Original Copy – “Our wooden name train is handcut from sustainable rubber wood. If you want a fantastic quality wooden train at a reasonable price, look no further.” 

Did that stir emotions, childhood memories, a desire to share the magic? Probably not.

My Words Work For You Copy – “Imagine that! A wooden name train made of your very own name… This is a top quality wooden train to love, play with and cherish. Picture their faces when they open this.”

Original Product Page Content Writing My Words Work For You

Original product page before content was re-written

Product Page Re-Written Content Writing My Words Work For You

New product page re-written and re-designed

Content Writing Matters

Content writing is far more than product descriptions that capture the attention of the search engines. Great quality content must capture the hearts and minds of your reader, and inspire them to act.

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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