Content Marketing – STAND OUT From The ‘Flock’

I had been content writing for my client for some time. Beginning with the website, then the products, my role soon included marketing and communications. I ordered a product so I could see the chain of communications, it wasn’t great.

I won’t waste your time with the original chain of emails that each and every customer received; suffice to say, they were no different to any other ‘confirmation of order’, dull.

The Content Marketing Fix

Step 1. Focus on the brand

Step 2. Create an ‘on brand’ story to capture imaginations and stand out from the crowd.

My client was a toy shop, a license to have fun! I created the story of ‘our delivery pigeons’. From now on, every customer chose from a range of delivery pigeons who were introduced on the website and in every communication.

  • The pigeon who doesn’t get out much would deliver within 4 days
  • The pigeon who frequents the gym once a week would be at your door within 2 days
  • The ‘turbo-charged’ pigeon would arrive the very next day.
Turbo pigeon delivery Content Marketing for small businesses My Words Work For You
Content Marketing – be bold, STAND OUT, fly f u r  t  h  e  r

I wove the story into the fabric of every communication from ordering, to dispatch, to requesting a review, we used words and the owner found the perfect imagery.

Order confirmation: The Carrier Pigeon is having his breakfast, ready for the journey.

Dispatch: Great news! The Pigeon who doesn’t get out much (4 days) is on it’s way to you with your carefully wrapped gift …..OK not really, we sent it by Royal Mail, it’s the pigeon‘s day off.

Review Request: So, the pigeon has arrived back safely & he’d love to know what you thought of your {product_name} and of our service.

The Results

Customers loved it and completely engaged with the company, many ‘left food out for the pigeon’

Corn for the pigeon will be in the shed with the hen’s food!”

“Great communication! Like the language style :)””Is there anywhere I can leave extremely positive feedback????!!!!
Just love the [product] that arrived yesterday….please feed the pigeon some extra seed!”

Another more than satisfied customer
“Brilliant service and the emails have been a delight to read. I will tell all my friends about your fabulous website.”
“I wanted to say thank you for making the whole purchase very memorable. Every single email made me smile, something that rarely happens in today’s hustle and bustle world.”
“…and with brilliant communication that made me smile every time I received one. If there is a way of leaving feedback on the website I will try to do so when I am next around a PC”
Trusted Shops called the owner of the business to ask how we were suddenly getting so many reviews. Would we present a case study for them to show other businesses? The average reviews for most businesses was 5%, almost 50% of my client’s customers were now leaving glowing reviews. 
Why? They loved the company, they had enjoyed the process of ordering and it stood out from the crowd.

Leave your customers with a great feeling
Soon after our pigeons took over delivery, the website saw an increase of 1000% compared to the same month the year before. It wasn’t just the pigeons of course, but their imaginary journeys definitely helped this business’s actual journey!

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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