Is Your Content Reaching Your Buyers?

You may be producing amazing content, it might be reaching and entertaining a wide audience, but are they your buyers?

Reach Your Audience

In previous posts I’ve talked about knowing your audience and talking directly with them through your content. You need to reach them on a deeper level and trigger an emotional response that inspires them to act. They need to believe in you, enough to choose you above all of the competition out there vying for their attention. So what’s the trick?

Know Your Customers

For small business owners, there is no marketing team dedicated to slicing through the treacle that is the internet and grabbing the attention of  potential customers, not like ‘the big boys’.  If you get your content marketing right, you too can have your share.  I am working on the assumption that you understand your brand and know your product(s).  From there, the place to start is honing down on exactly who your target demographic is. Where to start? Get a huge piece of paper, some felt-tip pens and invite every person in your team, supply biscuits. Now ask every question you can think of: What do you KNOW about your audience?  What do they do? When do they buy? What do they buy? Why do they buy? What device(s) do they use? Who do they buy for? What are their interests? How much time do they have? Who’s in their family? What do they like? The list is not exhaustive, at this stage, there are no stupid questions.

Speak to Your Audience

Once you have built up a clear and complete picture of your target customer, speak in their language. This is about written content, it always needs to be clear, accurate and relevant but the intonation and style need to bring out the personality of your product/service and speak on a subliminal level with your customers. When I produce scientific content I know that my audience, generally PhD and above, is comfortable with technical terms, I am safe to use scientific language. If your products are aimed at business people, use a more formal style, exhibiting your professionalism, invoking trust, bear in mind they are ‘time poor’. If your potential customers are thrill-seekers looking for adventure, use a style of ‘speaking’ with them that they will engage with.

Content Writing Isn’t For Everyone

Content writing is not a skill that everyone can acquire. If your skills lie elsewhere or literacy is not your strong-point, don’t spend your valuable time on it. Use your time and skills elsewhere and invest in an experienced content writer who can create content that works for you. Your aim is to reach and engage your target audience with relevant, well-written content that creates trust and inspires them to act:

Buy now/Click/Call/Share/Like. Marketing Graphic-Targeting Your Audience for Sales Content Marketing My Words Work For You


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