And so it began…

I have been fortunate. My content writing journey began with success; it was that success that taught me to believe, and My Words Work For You was born.

Asked for a favour by a friend, I began writing for his business. Page by page, product by product I began to re-write the content of a frankly dull, mistake ridden website, free of charge. The results were instant. Each product I wrote began to sell, a bit of a shock for the products that had languished in stock, unsold for years. Products that had sat unnoticed took centre stage, as did the website. The company had never experienced success like it.

With little knowledge of SEO, I lifted every single product from the page, telling its story in glorious technicolour, it became an obsession, I couldn’t stop. I wrote from the customer’s perspective, always, changing the website from a ‘us’ place to a ‘you’ place. Every story I told was placing the product into the hands and hearts of the reader. In the process I was breathing life into the website, and the business. Conversions, sales, turnover, visits, views all soared. A previous record of 9 consecutive days of sales was somewhere in the mid 400s while I was there. The site got noticed, my regular blogs created interest, people were engaged, they wanted to be part of the magic.

And so my journey as a Copy Writer began, what a journey it has been! So far I am seeing new sights, learning new skills, venturing to pastures new. The most magical part of my content marketing journey is, I never have to stay in the same place. Each new client brings new destinations, new views and new stories to be told. I am looking forward to a bright future doing something I love.

Content writing is a skill, as well as needing ‘a way with words’, one needs passion for the subject, belief, integrity and an understanding of human psychology. Done well, it has the power to transform your business.


About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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