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When a business I worked with needed more focus and direction, I structured the week. Every task was included and prioritised. there was no escape, nothing and no-one could slip through the net!  The idea was to increase everybody’s understanding of:

  • What needed to be done
  • How frequently it needed doing
  • When to do it

The aim was to keep everybody focused on goals and for the business to be moving towards them.

The Problem

Working in a small business is exciting and demanding, everybody needs to pull more than their weight. There are so many pulls on your time, myriad distractions, always a more appealing task grabbing your attention. In this particular business, it was far too easy for people to get distracted by anything ‘sparkly’; whole days could pass with very little being achieved. It needed to be put on the rails, and kept there.

The aims:

  • More focus
  • Higher achievement
  • Increased understanding of what needed to be done
  • Fewer things ‘slipping through the net’
  • The owner could drive the business forward

The Solution

After a brainstorm with the owner I had a loooong list of every task that needed to happen. Next step, I created a rather lovely, colourcoded chart to show the frequency of each task: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or ‘One-off’ and who was responsible. Exciting stuff huh?! I’ll dig out the photo at some point.

From there, I created a structured week. With a penchant for alliteration it went something like this…Mondays = ‘Marketing Day’, Wednesdays  = ‘Website’, Fridays = Facebook. Tuesdays and Thursdays were ear-marked for all remaining tasks needed to successfully keep the business ticking over: admin, accounts, ordering, stock control etc. The owner knew his responsibilities and exactly what needed to happen; every member of the team knew.

The Results

The week was planned and organised, everybody was clear about responsibilities. No tasks should be forgotten, all mission critical tasks should get done. The business could be driven forward on its rails in the right direction. It was exactly what the business needed at the time. Could yours benefit from a similar process? I have plenty of felt tips.

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