When You Are in a Black Hole, Don’t Give Up

This post has sprung from a conversation about illustration. We are staying in a farmhouse in France with friends who are great conversationalists. I happened to mention how I have used Canva for a long time now to produce illustrations. I regularly recommend Canva to my clients, it is quick and easy to produce professional looking illustrations that enhance your work. I specialise in words, writing content that improves SEO and increases sales, being artistic is not my strength so Canva is a perfect solution.

Adding Life To Words

The discussion led to the power of good illustrations and then on to this example of a Professor Stephen Hawking lecture entitled, ‘Do Black Holes Have No Hair’. An organisation called We Are Cognitive were commissioned to bring Prof. Hawking’s lecture to life. Here is the result, for those of us that are visual learners, it is out of this world (pun intended).

When You Are In A Black Hole, Don’t Give Up

As an aside, the message behind the lecture seems to be, ‘when you are in a black hole, don’t give up’. There is opportunity to reappear in a different universe, all is not lost. Optimally, it might be preferable to recognise that one is headed towards a black hole and change course, far less unpredictable I feel.

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