Content Writing – A Worthwhile Investment

I need to be quick, today I am writing about a lab technique used for quantifying protein sequences within a sample, it’s going to take time.

Content Writer Available

Within the last few weeks I have been asked to do several things involving words. Here are a few, from memory:

  • ‘Reply to the Laddies on behalf of the Lassies’ at a Burns Night supper
  • Write a eulogy and order of service for a funeral
  • Carefully word some wedding invitations to navigate through a potentially awkward situation
  • Listen to children read at a local primary school, each week
  • Produce scientific content writing extolling the virtues of various lab techniques and help the researchers who struggle daily with these complicated procedures

I am happy to do all of these things to support various people and events, it brings variety and new dimensions to my world.

The Effects of Weak Literacy

I recognise that being literate has made my life easier. I am giving time to support the children at school who are not necessarily reading much at home to make their adult lives easier. Having worked in education, and in industry, I have seen first-hand how challenging life is for those who struggle with literacy. Misunderstandings, mistakes, miscommunications will unfairly or inaccurately represent the writer / business. Crucially, fair or not, mistakes give people that all important first impression. I see examples of it every day, copy with mistakes that frankly, look unprofessional and lost the trust of the audience.

Copywriting mistakes Content Writer My Words Work For You Content Writer Cambridge

Your Chance to Give a Great First Impression, Use it Well


Play to Your Strengths

The take-home message is this, variation of the species at its finest, we are all good at different things. If words are ‘just not your bag’ but you need words to perform for you, find someone who will bring them to life and open doors.  In the world of content writing, well-written words will:

  • Attract a wider audience
  • Increase conversions, sales and revenue
  • Make you memorable
  • Create loyalty and trust in you and your brand

It is worth the investment. Contact me if you need my words to work for you.

Right, back to ELISA tips and tricks!

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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